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What is your relationship attachment style?

One of the elements of building relationships is lies in the level of attachment we have towards the other person. Attachment style in relationships refer to how we react and communicate our strengths, weaknesses, vulnerability and needs and more importantly, how we bond in the relationship.

Your partner’s form of attachment may be different from yours. In order to have a long lasting and healthy relationship, there are 2 fundamental things you should understand; their Love Language and Attachment Style.

There are different levels of attachment in relationships. According to the Psychological Theory of Attachment, here are the different types of Attachment styles. Secure. Anxious–preoccupied. Dismissive–avoidant. Fearful–avoidant.

A partner with secure attachment style is overly independent in relationships, that is, they rarely or never seek their partner’s attention. This type of partner wants to be left alone majority of the time. On the other hand, a partner with Anxious-preoccupied style usually demands attention and is often seen as needy or clingy.

The Dismissive-avoidant partner is the type that suppresses their need for intimacy, not only do they crave for independence, they are often perceived as showing no interest or care in the relationship. Lastly, the fearful-avoidant attachment style is too dependent on the relationship but often internalises their deepest fears.

Want to know your attachment style? Take this quiz and have your partner take too, in order to better understand each other’s attachment style. It will help your relationship wax stronger.

Clink on link to start your survey: http://www.web-research-design.net/cgi-bin/crq/crq.pl

Written by Oluwakemi Adetola

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