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Wardrobe, integral aspect of living life

Wardrobe for every woman walking the surface of the earth, is an integral aspect of living life and expressing themselves to the fullest to everyone around them.

I don’t know about you, but I find women who are less concerned about their dress sense and combination boring and unappealing to my sight. Dress sense does not necessarily have to cost a fortune before it can be appealing. Every woman’s wardrobe, irrespective of size or quality is life and should represent one on its own.

A woman’s wardrobe reveals her personality. Her tastes and preferences. How much she appreciates her body and shape. Her favourite colours. Her moods. Her standard of living. Her religious affinity. Her relationship status. The kind of persons she attracts and sometimes, a way of expressing some ‘pepperdem’ attitudes.

However, the urge to satisfy three or more of the above revelations can be so annoyingly time consuming, confusing and tiring.

Mrs O decided on the clothes to wear today before she slept yesterday night, but when morning came, the clothes she picked became too old, too bland, too revealing, too thick or too soft for the weather, too tight or too inappropriate for the occasion, hence she spent so much time again, ransacking her wardrobe for perfection. She ended up testing almost every cloth she had in there.

Miss H, having spent so time selecting today’s outfit, took her bath, wore the clothes, did some make over and was good to go. A last glance and a closer look at the mirror changed everything. She had noticed the brassiere she had on was too transparent. The accessories, shoe and bag refused to match like she had thought and made her too flashy. And because the shoe, bag or brassiere must necessarily go out today, the wears must be changed.

Mrs A gets confused on what to wear for Saturday owambes and Sunday church services, because she has too many clothes she wants to rock those events with and just one body, so choosing the exact one could really be a herculean task.

Miss B is a neat freak. She loves everything around her in their appropriate places, even her closet isn’t left out. Miss B always had a well arranged wardrobe, until she’s been faced with challenges of what to wear and how to combine the clothes to suit her taste. She would leave the wardrobe scattered till she arrives. She rearranges them again and still repeats the routine the next day and day after.

Some of us even invites friends over to select for us, the appropriate clothes, accessories, shoes and bags needed for certain occasions.

Every woman that cared so much about her appearance has experienced one or two of the above illustrations while dealing with their wardrobe and what to wear. Going through these hurdles and stress to satisfy and compliment our bodies and people around us is a woman thing and feminine in nature. Appreciate your feminity.

On a lighter note, I guess there is a strong reason for attaching the word ‘WAR’ to the word ‘WARDROBE.’ That word must have been a woman’s invention or invented just because of her.

Have a Sunday full of blessings.

Ade Jumoke

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