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‘The Glory’  

Here is a true life story in a summary form. I hope you all learn from it. Enjoy.

By: Hafeez Oshundairo

She kept steering at the sky wondering why the weather was bright. What is going on? Any new thing is about to happen? But no sign of new things. So why is the sky so bright? A lovely lady, Hellen, at the sea port confused about the brightness of the sky. Hellen, a 22 years old lady. She is light in complexion; an adorable lady that men the in the city where she reside which to knot her. Hellen, looked more confused as the weather changed again as if it would rain in few seconds.

Lots of preparation out there, invitations everywhere. Both families are in happy mood. Meeting upon meeting; greetings upon greetings.

Just few weeks to Hellen wedding but no mother-in-law. She kept wondering how the day will look like without her blessing. Few minutes later her fiancé got to where she sat, but speechless. Soliloquy, How will I explain all this to her? Who will be my mother? Should I use my mother’s sister? But I think it is better to go like that without her because, she can’t express like my mother. 

Hellen, I want to explain something to you. What? Hellen responded; I know your mother isn’t alive so what do you want to say again? Don’t worry, the wedding would hold, if that is what is bothering you. There are many in there sweet home without mother-in-law, so don’t let that bother you dear. Olamilekan was glad to hear that from Hellen; he knelt before and give her warm hug while crying. 

Hellen who hails from Benin republic is an action lady who doesn’t like cheating or lies. She act when it is time; she doesn’t fight a lost battle. She met Olamilekan along her way to her shop where she served as apprentice for few years before becoming self-boss of her own. 

Olamilekan pestered Hellen for months before she agreed. Every evening, on her way back home Olamilekan would block her across the bridge saying, “The fragrance of your body soupçons my soul and if I can come near, How long can I control my senses?” In response, Mr. Man what the hell is you talking about? When your senses are ok then control them. Arsehole! Despite all her actions, Olamilekan didn’t relent. 

He kept thriving so as to get her. While getting home, he sat thinking of what technique to use for Hellen. Olamilekan decided to compose a poem for her. Immediately, he consulted his close friend. What are friends for? But Olamilekan was so desperate. He and his friend sat and compose the poem which was written in a cardboard.

After so much time devoted to compose the expensive poem, Helen still ignored him by disgracing him across the road. But nothing could be done, after few months, good result came out from his hardwork. Helen finally agreed for Olamilekan few months to her birthday. 

What a great news for Olamilekan… so speechless. Olamilekan is a muslim while Helen is from Christian family. Can this work out?The two of them understood each other and their relationship didn’t affect their religion. 

After few months, they both got married. Olamilekan’s mother wasn’t on seat but her sister stood on her behalf. Wow! What a cool sister! Helen do say then. After some years, Helen went to the village and took along with her husband’s aunt to the town. 

While getting to the house, they call her mama. Mama looked cool, but she kept looking at the way she would use to penetrate Olamilekan’s heart so that he will be doing all what she want. Olamilekan wasn’t happy when he saw her in his house because he knows the kind of person she is.

After some years with them, they gave her a room and a shop to start a petty trade. They gave her all what she wanted, but she never got satisfied. What kind of woman is this? Helen kept wondering. 

To cut the story short, Mama spent 16years with them, but she kept fighting them day in day out. She got involved in juju, trying to separate Helen and Olamilekan. Mama’s only daughter also joined her mother in fighting with the use of juju. But all their efforts were abortive. They tried their worst but none worked out. 

Helen later realized that she is the bad egg among others, but that didn’t stop her from greeting her. But the woman decided not to respond to all her greetings. 

Helen told her husband the reason why she brought her to town, because she was sleeping with different men in the village despite she had a husband. If she knew her behavior from the start she won’t have done such.

After 16years with them and she realized she couldn’t separate them and destroy the family, Mama left the house in the midnight for no one to see her…(what a shame). What a glory for Helen and Olamilekan.

Here comes 2017, if you are in a relationship or marital home, always be prayerful to concur your enemies as Helen finally concurred Mama and also don’t hide anything from each other, assuming Olamilekan told Helen who Mama was, she won’t had brought her to stay with them. Those saying Muslim and Christian cant marry, please note that it can happen once the both parties understood each other. As Yoruba do say “olorun maje ki a si ore se”, we won’t render help that will turn against us. Please be careful with the kind of help you render; people are not the same again. I PRAY MAY YOUR DAYS BE LONG, WHEN IT’S TIME TO FACE YOUR PROBLEMS MAY YOU BE STRONG! 2017 IS YOUR YEAR OF GLORY. LOVE YOU ALL. HAPPY NEW YEAR


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