This chapter is dedicated to my best friend, Olatubosun Olumide. We’ve been through a lot but our tough skin keep making us flow over the edge of the dirty dark sea of fear, rejection, failure and depression. Happy birthday bro. Legitimate hustlers!!!!! We learn to create not to bask grades.

This is not really a story, am even new to this but the entity keep disturbing plaguing my moment with his fear, pain, joy and future. You might get bored but please keep reading because you might discover that life isn’t the way you see it, in fact we see life in different way.
This piece probe into the lives of some Africans and making them in one character. Some scenarios are real life experience and some fictional.

“Leave me alone you this hag!” Tade’s father shouted as he struggled to free himself from Tade’s mom who squeeze his clothes and held on to them
It was a early Monday morning. The day intellectuals believes start the human days for working and a day Tade thought he would enjoy.
Tade knew what is going on, it another family war between his parents. It a normal routine but he never thought it would be this early.
He scrapped off their way and stood few metres from them watching them.

“You this senseless man, going about sleeping with girls that are more of like daughters to you” Tade’s mom said as he grab his clothes tightly.

“Do you see that you have roughened my clothes?” Tade’s dad shouted as he struggled the more.
“Yeye man, stay at home you won’t except stumbling against chairs in the midnight after drinking your rubbish” Tade’s mom said and hiss.
“Leave me alone stupid woman, is that your problem?” Tade’s father shouted
“Womanizer!” Tade’s mom shouted clapping her hands at his father in the process.

Suddenly Tade’s dad punch his mom on her shoulder.
“He has killed me ooh! Tade, your father has killed me ooh!” Tade’s mom shouted as she started rolling on the floor.

Tade’s father descended on her and started punching and slapping her.
Tade wasn’t shaken by this since he wasn’t new to this. He want to watch more of the battle before interfering.

He had once interfere at the beginning of the matter one day and mistaken his mom smashed his head with a flower vase instead of his dad’s
“I will show you who the head is!” Tade’s father shouted as he slapped her face again.

He stood up and remove his belt then started hitting her.
Tade watched, not exactly moved as his father flogged his mom like a Baby.
Her cries filled the whole house suddenly there was change of power as his mom went for his dad’s leg.
She dipped her teeth into his calf.
His dad screamed in pain then tried to free his leg but his mom held on to it.
Then Tade’s eyes flashed when he saw his father punch his mom on the face.

He ran into their midst, basically to punch his dad but his dad saw it coming and immediately stretch his belt which hit Tade on his forehead.
“You’ve killed my son!” Tade’s mom shouted where she was breathing heavily.
“Like mother, like son. Bunch of fools!” Tade’s father said and walked out.

What is life?
Since Tade childhood days he has not really know peace.
From the beatings from his father for urinating and defecating about without talking to his mom using him as a case study to abuse his father and their family and to the trauma of crying everyday after numerous beatings from primary and secondary school teachers for not doing his home work. He was technically the dullest and most stupid boy in every class he is in.
Even if they are two in a class he would still come second. What a sad life.

His life is like a scripted plot written by an unknown director. Sometimes he feels that all what he does or whatever happens to him has been pre-written and that he dances to the unseen beat of a cruel creator. He is just a perfect example of that creator for suffering.

Yes, his family are okay but with no peace. He can’t even say when his parents started their war, maybe before he was born.

At the mall they would disagree on what to buy, they will fight on who to drive a particular car, in the night they will fight again because Dad came home late and the morning the battle continues.
The only place they don’t fight is at church where they would be smiling and knocking their heads like a happy agama lizard, pretending they are listening to the pastor acclaimed “spirit vomited sermon” . The pastor too would then go on using them as case study, saying they are a happy family and very important to the church. God uses them to bless the church but won’t come down and interfere with their fights.

Who can really blame the pastor? Since his parents are investing in the church and paying the ten percent of their profits and then the pastor would smile flaunting his big genesis to revelation Bible in his stunning suit and his british accent he used to call “praise the lord” and “halleluyah” like a heaven sound system.

To the outsiders their family is a point of prayer but little do they know it a hell on earth.
Tade wish the holiday is over so he could return to his school, The Polytechnic, Ibadan far away from his troublesome parents.



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