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Tade woke up groaning and with pains in his joint. The early morning wake up devotion prayer from the hostel’s Christians
woke him up.
At night it is always them that would plague him with their speaking in tongues of a thing.
Yesterday was a long night. From class to strolling through the
polytechnic, Ibadan just because he is avoiding T-baba and his lot.
Just two days ago T-baba scared his wits by threatening him with cultism or was he just kidding.
Tade forced himself to stand up and yawned while stretching his weak arms.
Tade stays in one of the singular rooms in Unity hostel just to keep
his privacy.
In his ND days he happens to find himself among troublesome boys.
They will shout and argue from football, to religion and politics.
Among those he had lived with Akeem and John were the most
They will argue on which course is better, lucrative and has more
cabals between SLT and Computer science. After that they will move to
religion war and then ethnic war. These two were the perfect example
for brainwashed Africans who can kill for a god that doesn’t exist.
Tade walked towards the standing mirror in his room. It was dawn and cold.
His hairs were rough and he looks lean.
When talking about schools Tade always find himself laughing when
people laugh at Polytechnic students, they call them dullards and University rejected but nobody apart from them knows the shits they are going through. From file submision to some other numerous
Few hours later Tade was on his way out for sightseeing. He walked pass the poly water towards “Iya Sega” there he saw students having their fill. Whenever he pass this side he always feel pity for those old women working as workers there. They are working for the
person that is like a younger sister to them, what a sad world.
For hours Tade keep strolling through the school without any
particular place he is going. He inserted his earpieces into his ears and then click on Eminem’s gut over fear
“I was afraid to make a single sound
Afraid I would never be found
I don’t wanna go another round
Cos an angry man’s power will shut you up Trips wire on a trip to love
Cos here am I and I will never run!”
“You’re not going anywhere before nah” Someone said and laugh. Tade knew he is in for it today. He stood up to leave but the person grab his right hands
“Leave me Sola” Tade said.
“I don’t think so, will you follow me or let us create a scene?” Sola asked as he smile.
Sola is a short and well built fair young dude. He has a small scar on
his cheek, the scar some said was given to him during a cultist war.
Tade followed him as they started walking around the school again.
“Where are we going?” Tade asked as he saw it was night already.
“To the nowhere” Sola said and smile.
Tade kept silent as they walked into the forest and started going aimlessly.
The leaves were wet from the rain that fell the previous day. Frogs
were croaking in the forest coupled with some insect sound.
After minutes that seems like hours they got to a glade.
“Aooohooo!!” Sola shouted while making a cup like shape with his hands on his mouth.
Suddenly boys dressed in blacks started jumping down from trees trunks and amidst the bush.
_”Ni aja igbo kee”_ (is the voice of the wolf – Yoruba word) Someone
among them replied Sola.
Tade stood afraid. He wanted to cry and then beg that these people to
leave him.
“Oh my fresh nigga” a blackly dressed T-baba said and smile.
“T-baba please” Tade pleaded as tears flows down from his eyes.
He has read it, he has been told that cultism is an ugly thing that no
person with good future must involve in it and here is he kneeling
down in front if his course mate as a recruit.
“Tade I am trying to protect you, I love you like a brother will” T-baba said.
“I want to go” Tade pleaded
“I can’t” he said and walked away.
Who started Cultism in Nigeria institutions. The popular saying is
Wole Soyinka and his friends started it and look what they did is now a web that is enslaving youth of this era. This cultism has wasted so many lives because of all their secret motives, but is it Wole Soyinka fault?
Tade was made to kneel down in between the members and then incisors were made on his body, made to recite the sacred words then they started marching around a burning fire.
That day four dudes lost their life because of error in cutting part
of their body.
The bodies were dumped in a nearby stream and their parents will probably be working or praying their children become successful. What a funny world.


Note: I am not saying there are cultist in the Polytechnic, Ibadan.

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