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This chapter is dedicated to my younger brother, Ifarajimi Ilerioluwa. Thanks for being my number 1 fan. The one who will read any of my nonsense from “bola goes to school” in primary 5 to the first crude “Born Carmel” and what about all those super strikas like comics I always draw?
You’ve been a friend, a brother and a confidant.
I believe in your dreams and one day you going to stand welding the world best player award ?

Tade pinned his earpiece into his ears as he listen to a speech about life.
“For the first two weeks that your mother has you in her womb, technically you don’t exist.
You’re just a unseen, unknown living thing without a heart and consciousness. They declare your mother is pregnant but nothing is there for that two weeks.”
Tade removed the ear piece and then sit back on the stone chair.
Tade sat down alone in front of north campus assembly hall, looking at those passing by. Everyone going on their businesses.
From the smartly dressed students to the rough, hoodlums looking dudes, every one was acting like student.
It was a cool afternoon which means everyone was trying to escape the legendary the polytechnic, Ibadan sun.
Tade would have been in university if he had followed his parents wish. His dad wants his only son to be an engineer and his mom want him to be a medical doctor but they don’t know he has no passion for schooling.
Since his primary school days he had taken the last position popularly call “oru po” they would sing “Olodo rabata, oju eja lo mo je. Oni je paper, sileti lo mo je,ore mi kilo gba, odo oju eja”
After school he would hide behind the school block and cry.
People don’t want to know how he feels, they take decisions for him.
He only has passion for drawing, bringing out his emotion through the picture.
He always feel the joy of decoding meanings in picture from the famous Mona Lisa to the last supper.
Tade came to The Polytechnic, Ibadan to study architecture.
To him the education in Nigeria is crap, he read one dude called Ifarajimi Charles’ post on Facebook about seeking for knowledge instead of chasing grades. He did like it but the guy was wrong in a way that why learn in a place where they don’t appreciate it.
Only few knowledgeable people knows that Africans has their culture, class, education, civilization and religion before the white man and Arabs came with his and changed everything.
After the white man came Esu became Satan and every religion in Africa became wrong, false and of the devil.
And what has their religion brought? Segregation, tribalism, religious wars and violence.
“How far Tade” someone said patting him on his back.
Tade looked back and stood up as he grasp the hand of the fellow.
“T-baba I dey oo” Tade replied as he make a mock salute.
“Why you just sit down like moron dey look like this” t-baba asked while bouncing on one point.
“I was just observing some things” Tade replied
“Mr observer, I dey go Annex. Set you go follow me?” T-baba asked
“No, I dey try and avoid person. I no wan trouble for this semester” Tade replied as he tried to sit down
“Abeg stand up, I wan go see my girl” T-baba said
“Why you con dey fear one guy because his girl dey interested in you?” T-baba asked
“No go that side jhor” Tade said
“You no get guts with this your athletic body, handsome and boyish face girls dey follow, you no wan do. You be gay?” T-baba asked.
“I no get time to dey discuss unreasonable matter, I go see you for hostel” Tade said as he picked his bag and turned to leave.
T-baba moved closer to him and pulled him towards him until his mouth was touching Tade’s left ear.
“Na initiation go settle it” T-baba said and walk away.
Tade’s leg suddenly become weak. He could feel the lump in his throat as the word stood in his mind, hovering.
He has been told that t-baba is a cultist but he just love the company of the guy, very funny and blunt.
During his Nd days Tade has always keep his head low, trying to run away from troubles but troubles love him they keep coming. From girls fighting over him and dudes fighting him for winning their girls.
The first girl he loved or like was Lolade, his childhood fantasy. She gave him a gift when he was in jss 2. The others were just flings.
The more Tade try to understand his life and reorganize it, the more it get twisted. No guts, no fame, no victory.
It was night, it time for Tade to escape.


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