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When you stop a ‘rapist’ you save a generation -Linda Adeniyi

Linda Adeniyi

Tayo, an 8yr old sweet girl is not only academically bright but a promising sweet young girl who was saddled with the ill-luck of cohabiting with her parents in abject poverty as they lived in a face-me-i-face-you compound. Her parents takes pride and joy in her academic prowess despite being poor, they strive hard to give Tayo quality Education by hiring a Tutor who’s also a family friend’s brother who was serving then in their vicinity.

Tayo’s parent are hustlers always trying their best to make make ends meet in life.. .. ..this led to their hardly being around, thereby leaving Tayo to the mercy of neighbors at home and the new tutor hired to help Tayo broaden her academic horizon.

One day while Tayo was asleep, something happened: she was feeling sensations between her thighs and her body systems were acting in a way she couldn’t understand… what can a girl of 8yrs understand???

When she woke up she saw her tutor cleaning her up in a room on a bed and she was naked .
Tayo didn’t understand what transpired as her innocent mind couldn’t wrap her head round what had actually happened…and this kept happening until one day Tayo woke up seeing her tutor on top of her…she relayed the events to her mother in a gibberish and incoherent manner, Her mother shut her up telling her not to say Rubbish, After that scenario Tayo hated studying, she avoids her Tutor like a plague but no one understands Tayo’s plight yet the mother keep urging her to go study with the tutor save she want to become a nobody in life if she quit studying. Sadly, the more Tayo avoided and hated studying the more her parents lashed at her and flogged her she had no choice than to continue studying and passing through the ordeal of constantly been raped ..it got to a time it became nothing to her she was phlegmatic and indifferent about it, to the extent it became a norm to her .

Tutors service year ended and he went back to where he came from leaving Tayo reformed and damaged ..

Days passed Tayo wanted that feeling ,the touch and that sensation no one to give to her but there are boys in the compound ..little Tayo initiated all she was taught by the Tutor to a little boy she was older but very keen of and they both got into the act but the difference is that Tayo is the one in control .

Years passed and Tayo became a teenager looking ripe, and fresh and ready to be harvested with all the captivating curves in the right places and she went on a frivolous sex spree ..she did’nt care or give a damn about the consequences…all that mattered to her was she needs to feel good ,she’s wiser and now knows her body can be a treasure that will fetch her money, for her, it’s sex for money.

Wow! Tayo thought instead of giving it free while not make money from it she is still with her parents and siblings too she initiated two of her sibling into the act but got tired of it she wanted more her taste became insatiable .

Tayo wanted to explore more, want to soar high and on and on it goes for Tayo, jumping from one man to another not giving a damn about feelings or heart matters all she understands is sex for money.

This scenario is so rampant its like a vogue In our society, its so common and yet many parents are at fault ..when your girl child reports something to you please and please parent act. Do not shut her up by thinking your family will be stigmatized. Rape do not only Damage the victim it leaves a lasting psychological damaging effect and psychological indescribable pain on the victim .
Do not give heed to society by saying your daughter will be slut shamed and shunned. Save a life today by fighting rape and Eradicating Rape like Nigeria eradicated Ebola .
Tayo wasn’t at fault but the Dracula who took advantage of an innocent sweet girl who thrust deep into her and made her into a sex machine. He ruined everything for Tayo and many generations because Tayo too became A victim who victimized others.
I wish castration will be the penalty for rapists.
We all have to establish to make things better, we need to be our brothers/sisters keepers to fight this epidemic.

Parents we know you have a hectic career but please I beg of you, create time and don’t leave the care of your kids to help/ employees alone ..drop In unannounced and supervise .

Some victims of rape wonder about their specific circumstance and wonder if it constitutes rape. Chances are, if you’re wondering, “was I raped?” you probably were. Rape happens any time sexual intercourse takes place without your consent. Note that many circumstances can indicate your lack of consent including:
An inability to give consent due to age.
An inability to give consent due to diminished capacity (perhaps due to a disability).
An inability to give consent due to inebriation (typically due to ingesting drugs or alcohol)
And, of course, any time you say, “no” to intercourse and it is forced on you, that is rape. It doesn’t matter if you said “no” in the middle of the act, it is still rape if the other party doesn’t immediately stop and respect your wishes. You have the right to rescind consent at any time, under any circumstances.
In today’s busy modern world we need to find time for each other and watch each others back .

When you stop a rapist you save a generation Remember There is no ‘perfect victim’ and there is no ‘perfect rape’! Your child should be your utmost priority!


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