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Piece: “Social Media” by Diji Aderogba

Here is another Piece by Diji Aderogba, one of the most celebrated youth film maker and writer. Read and enjoy.

A toxic place.
Fake but real.
Real but fake.
How come you know me so much?
How come my secrets are with you?
Shame on you, traitor!
Shame on you.
Your people have failed the world.
How do you feel when I’m being mocked?
How do you feel when you break relationships?
How do you feel when you see hatred?
You have failed to keep to your promises.
You have failed to stop us from getting addicted
How do you feel now?
The good have turned bad.
The bad have turned good.
In your face.
In your kingdom.
You have failed us, your people.
You have made us fake.
You have made us toxic to one another.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.

Oh, a wonderful place.
I see your good deeds.
I see you networking.
Oh, I see you making relationships.
You have done more good to people.
Do good to me.
How can I thank you?
All praise on you.
All hail you.
Social media.

QUESTION : What is social media to you”?

NOTE : Social media is both good and bad, what you do with yourself on social media gives you the answer to the question above. 60% of people on social media portray a different life from their reality, they do everything to fit into the social media society, unfortunately, doesn’t exist. Some uses social media to mock, drag and say bad things to people because they aren’t saying what they want them to say ( Of course, different people different opinions ). Some are on social media to promote their business/es, make friends and network. What you do with social media will be a reward to you, bad or good.

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