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Piece: #TrainTheMaleChild by Lade Falobi

Lade Falobi

Church “Mummy”: You girls should close your legs o. Don’t let all these boys deceive you.
Me: But mummy help us tell the guys too o.
Church Mummy: Leave those ones. Their own is different. THEY ARE GUYS.

I’ve had different variations if the conversation above (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) and to be honest, it’s infuriating.

1. I hate that statement, “leave them alone, they are guys.” I don’t understand why guys don’t get offended when they hear statements like this. This basically implies that guys are dogs who cannot control themselves.
It’s gender inequality (but you meninists will not take this up. Only to be arguing against feminism). But really, we paint guys as uncultured dogs.

2. These are church “mummys.” People who we should look up to.

3. Again, these are people we look up to in church. And they blatantly ignore the Bible teachings on fornication, which as I remember, are not for the female gender alone. In fact, the Bible clearly says, “Flee from sexual immorality” (1 Corinthians 6:18). Note, that it did not say “women, flee from sexual immortality.”

4. If you are of the opinion that fornication is a sin for females only, please keep it to yourself. Don’t give guys the impression that the church approves of it.

5. Let’s just look at it logically. You tell your girls to close their legs. However, you say guys will be guys. Logic should tell you that if you say guys can have sex before marriage, then it’s your girls, they will come for. Yes, the same girls you said should close their legs. It’s confusing really. If apparently, fornication is not a sin for guys, but it’s a sin for girls, who do you want them to sleep with?

6. In fact, forget religion for a minute. Because you have taught girls that sex before marriage is wrong, they will get hit with guilt if they do it. Hence, they have more chance of eventually changing (because of their guilt). But if you tell guys sex before marriage is not wrong for them, they see nothing wrong in pressuring your girls for sex. Hence, your girls fall “victim” and all your advice has been for naught.

‘Lade Falobi

P.S. This is not a sub at anyone.

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