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Newface: Meet TeadyJazz, a budding OAP with passion for Radio

Endurance Idowu (TeadyJazz)

Endurance Idowu known as TeadyJazz, is a fast rising OAP with a passion for Radio broadcasting. She is a graduate of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko,Ondo state from the department of mass communication. In a recent conversation with HAMTON MEDIA, she reveals how she got into the media world, who Teady Jazz is, and what next.


For the sake of our readers, who is Endurance Idowu?
Endurance Idowu  is a Yoruba girl from Osun state, grew up in Ibadan. Am a 90’s baby, grew up in a family of 7, am the 3rd of 5children. Studied mass communication at Adekunle Ajasin University Ondo state and that set the pace for my love for media.

Under mass communication, we have genres. Why did you pick broadcast ahead of others?
I simply love the broadcast media, I watched a lot of TV while growing up and I did listen to radio programmes too but, not as much I would have wanted. So broadcast just did it for me, before going into the university I knew that was wanted and I just kept going. Besides I strongly believe you connect with people through talks and that’s what broadcast is all about, connecting and effecting change.

Endurance Idowu at BreezFm

So how did you discover yourself as an OAP?
Am still discovering ooo, but anyways I discovered my voice was worth making a trade out of when I was 13years old. I met this awesome big brother I used a microphone around him and he walked up to me and said “you have a good voice why don’t you consider studying mass communication” that was the first time someone will openly tell me that, most times what I got were funny looks and reaction when I speak through the mic at school debate. So I joined the art class when it was time to do that and I just kept talking at every opportunity I got. During university days I volunteered at the school radio. However my real media training and job began after school. I had to wait a whole year for NYSC so I stayed back at Ondo state and interned with breez 99.9 fm and it all started from there.

How has been the journey so far?
It’s been a journey worth taking which am still taking. Have learnt and still learning, really the talk business isn’t as easy as it seems, it an art u have to keep building on. you just can’t allow yourself to get complacent. The truth is I really don’t feel I have a story to share yet because am not where I wanna be and am willing to learn all the way. But with the few people have worked with I can say am very privileged to have had and still have bosses that are very comfortable with you growing right under their nose and that is something u hardly get in this “me first” world. Once one on my boss told me endurance the only thing you have is your sweet voice and that is all. I almost cried that day but didn’t and that is one thing you must have in d talk business ability to assess criticism the right way focusing on what is been said and not how it been said. So I resolved within myself am gonna get better I don’t wanna be know as just the girl with the sweet voice because that is down right shallow I must be more and that is what am doing.

TeadyJazz at Sweetfm 107.1

We’ve been hearing TeadyJazz, how did you coined the name and what does it stand for?
(Smiles) OK, this fateful year my immediate elder sister came back from school and asked me if I had a Facebook account of course I didn’t. So she took me to a photography studio we took shots for my Facebook profile picture, from there we moved on to the cyber cafe and I was to open a Yahoo mail and she was like which name do you want to use. My family nickname was teddy bear so I was like “I ain’t no teddy bear” I was a tomboy at heart so I change the teddy to Teady and add jazz because it represented my masculine side then. And it just stuck.

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So who is TeadyJazz on Radio?
Teadyjazz on radio is just the everyday TeadyJazz that is not on radio. Am everything that I am on the air off air. I try to be as me as I can, which is the girl next door.

As a fast rising OAP, who are your role models and why?
I really do have an issue with the word “role model” because I just want to be like me and nobody else but I have a lot of people that I deeply and sincerely appreciate their work etiquette, their passion for what they do and how they go out of their way to impact life in their own way and most of them are not the regular names you get. Omolola Akinbo, Micheal Malomo, Victor Daunsi, Olaitan Bakare, Abiola Ogunyinka, Adedoyin Aladedaunsi and believe me the list go on.

Who would you like to work with in the nearest future?
Anyone and any organization that is in the talk business for the art and not just about making money and being merely heard. Good talks just get me.

What makes you unique among all?
To be honest I really don’t know. I just go on air with the consciousness that I must put this through while still being original at it, and that is just it. Maybe, probably simply being endurance makes me unique.

If not media, what would it be?
A psychologist maybe or probably the American Hollywood idea of an homicide detective. Don’t Make fun of me ooo,  i love movies (laughs)  I even live in them.

Who are those you can attribute your success so far to on life?
Jehovah all the way. And to him I am grateful for all the wonderful people he has made me cross paths with, believe me have been blessed with people and am still hopeful that I will meet more great minds and persona.

Where do you see Endurance Idowu & TeadyJazz in the next 5years? 
In the next 5years it’s still gonna be work work work work (laughs), I want to have had a level of recognition in my field, at peace with life and everyone around me.

What is your advise for striving youths out there?
You owe it to yourself to succeed, so keep pushing yourself but never too hard. And please don’t take yourself completely seriously have a good laugh as often as possible.

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