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Newface: Meet Suror Obada, brain box behind SucroseCrafts

​Suror Obada is the creative director and brain behind SucroseCraft. The fashionpreneur and a savvy graduate of Mass communication at Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, in a conversation with HAMTON MEDIA, revealed how she got into Bags, Accessories, Sandals and Slippers making; uniqueness of her brand; challenges in business and future of SucrosCrafts.

Suror Obada


Who is Suror Obada?
Suror Obada is extremely creative and love hand crafting. I am the creative director of Sucrosecrafts. Sucrosecrafts creates nicely crafted fashion essentials from handbags to accessories, sandals and slippers. I was Born in Lagos grew up in the agege area of lagos. Studied mass communication at Ajayi Crowther University and had my masters in Mass communication at the University of Lagos.

How did you discovered yourself as a business person?
I wouldn’t really say am a business person. Am more of a creative minded person. Sucrosecrafts was born initually not for business reasons. Was born just because I loved handcrafting things not for sale, but to admire, use and give to my friends. But I later decided to make a business out of it and I started via online market and now I have a lot of distributors working for me.

Why did you choose BAG CREATION ahead of other creative works?
I will say bag choose me. I was never a bag lover. I prefered clothes and shoes to bags. But during my Nysc in Jebba. At one of the entrepreneural classes, I feel inlove with the art of bag making. So I decided to train and went for further trainings too after camp was over. So really bag making called me and I responded.

The name SUCROSECRAFTS was coined from?
My baby sister has a nickname for me which is Sucrose. She says I am a very sweet person hence, she calls me sucrose. So when I was looking for a name, I wanted to use my name Suror but I just felt it was better I used something that wont easily get me noticed so I used my nickname. Sucrose. Hence sucrosecrafts.

What are your CHALLENGES so far?
The major challenge is the inability to get some exclusive fabrics and accessories here in Nigeria. Most Good accesories for bags are imported, so in our local market its difficult, nearly impossible to get certain quality accessories and exclusive fabrics.

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What makes your brand (Sucrosecrafts) UNIQUE?
My choice of fabrics, the style, the neatness, the commitment i put into the brand makes it unique.

Any regret from leaving media field to Sucrosecrafts?
No regrets at all. It has been fun all the way.

Were your parents in SUPPORTIVE when you embarked on this journey?
They were very supportive of me; always been supportive. My dad gets equipments to aid my job and my mom even up till now does my laundry and cooks my meals when she sees how busy/engrossed i am with my job.

Where do you see SUCROSECRAFTS in the next 5years?
Sucrosecrafts will be way bigger. Praying to have different showrooms and training centres in different parts of Nigeria and more distributors home and abroad.

Who are those you can attribute your SUCCESS to in life?
My dad and mom. My dad in particular. He first saw what no one saw in me and he went all out to help me in different ways to grow the creativity and passion in me. He got me different equipments to aid my job. I owe him my success story.

What are your ADVISE for the youths and young entrepreneurs out there?
Persistency or commitment is key in business. Prayers is also very important. I pray this prayer point a lot and it has helped me. God please get me connected with people who will take Sucrosecrafts higher. So always pray that God attracts you to people who will be concerned about what you do and help you attain your dreams.



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