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Newface: Meet Kasarachi, the young lady that found her passion in hairstyling at age 5

Ejika Kasarachi Glory

When Kasarachi found passion in hairstyling at the age of 5, it was fun for her but little did she know it was only the beginning. As her talent and interest grew, her insatiable entrepreneurial spirit drove her to turning her God given talent to setting up her own business. Now, she owns a beauty shop where she does hair dressing, nails, lash extension, trainings and many more. We caught up with her to share a glimpse of what motivates her, and the advice she have to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs

Your First Job?
My first job ever was making hair for my classmates in Pry 4 and I collected #20 from each of them.

Why go into Entrepreneurship?
I never set out with the idea of an entrepreneur. I wanted to work for big companies and earn big money. However, I got inspired and it just happened. Also, because I love being independent, I believe as an entrepreneur, I can create the outcome for my life that deep down I really wanted

How Many Hairstyles Are You Good At?
From Dreadlocks to braids and weaves. From Hair extension to Zip, matting, pony tails and natural hair styles. In fact, there’s is virtually no style I can’t do. Just describe it and get it done!

How Did you learn so much of these styles?
When I pass by a shop or someone making hair and I notice a style I don’t know before, I would approach the person and offer to help. Unknowingly to the person, I’m actually learning the style and when I get home, I would do it for someone to ensure I truly got it.

What’s unique about the service you offer?
I simply take pride in my talent. I can catch any hair no matter how small. My hand doesn’t pain my clients and I’m very fast.

Proudest Accomplishment?
My proudest accomplishment is starting my own business. Also, my happiest moment was the first time I did Zip hairstyle for a client. I’ve only seen someone do it and I haven’t had time to practice on my own. The client requested for it, I did it and it was so beautiful on her. She loved and I was so happy.

What motivates you?
I’m motivated intrinsically. Also, my husband has been very supportive. He would do anything and everything to ensure I succeed. I stay inspired by… Constantly doing what I love doing and remembering how far I’ve come.

Best Advice to up-coming entrepreneurs?
My best advice to people starting out in business is never to give up on their all-consuming dream. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give up on a specific approach that isn’t working, but don’t give up on your dearest dream. Not ever!

Ejika Kasarachi Glory is the owner of K-Hair Salon.
Phone number:  08068332060; 08147086595
IG: @kasra_beauty
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/khairsalon11/

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