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Neatness is topping my list of ‘criteria for choosing a husband.’ -Ade Jumoke

​Facebook lover, Ade Jumoke shared her personal criteria for choosing a husband, distinguished between Romance, boredom, Neatness. 

Ade Jumoke (Facebook)

Once upon a time, 

I used to believe men who are neat freaks in every aspects of their lives are too perfectionistic, unromantic and boring. As a matter of fact, I had out of ignorance, engaged myself in arguments with friends and was seriously against getting married to a neat freak.


I was like; why get married to a neat freak that sees everything wrong with some pieces of papers and clothes littering the bedroom floor of the kids?

What’s so romantic about a man that sees everything wrong and complains bitterly when he gets home to a disorganized sitting room, featuring toys, books and wraps of biscuits and sweets littering everywhere, while the wife is probably busy with some laundry or cooking? 

What’s so romantic about a man who prefers to do his laundry by himself because he believes no one can do it better like himself and himself alone?

What the heck is not so boring about a man who complains when he sees that the slightest remote control or his car keys have been moved or transported from their permanent position to somewhere else? Everything must be neatly arranged and perfect. I had even added that getting married to a man that’s neater than you as a wife is a serious trouble.

I was like this, until I heard the story of one brother from someone who was an ex-girlfriend to him.

The brother can go about wearing his boxers and singlets for two, three weeks without washing them. 

His room featured unarranged and scattered clothes on the bed and on the floor. He does not separate dirty clothes from newly washed ones. His one bed sheet and pillow case can be left unwashed for three months. His white towel has turned deep brown from being left unwashed and he does not sundry or fold it neatly after use. He simply throws it somewhere in the room like the rest of his clothes. Ewwwww! 

He hardly flushes the toilet after use. He does not once in awhile wash his toilet and bathroom too. His kitchen was always well designed with smelling and germs infected plates and other kitchen utensils that has been used and left unwashed for weeks. His trash can can be left indisposed for months and he won’t be bothered. Oh lawd!! 

And yes, he believes he’s no problem to himself and the entire human race, because he’s not a woman. Its a woman’s responsibility and duty to do all those things for him. Tufiakwa!! #spits. 

If I refer to neat freaks as boring and perfectionists, what do I call dirty freak guys? 

How do one cope with these set of men in marriage? You keep arranging the home and a FULLY GROWN MAN keeps messing everywhere up. Its not me and you!! 

Neat freak guys are the bomb. Neatness is sexy, romantic, fun-filled and perfect. As a matter of fact, neatness is topping my list of ‘criteria for choosing a husband.’


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