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Music, Songs and Dance of Edo People, what do you know about it?

Edo dance group (World Dance Gallery)

In the music sector, Edo State is blessed with a large coterie of nationally and internationally renowned performers. Sir Victor Uwaifo leads his pack, a multi media artist who was trained at Yaba College of Technology and the University of Benin. He has performed in major cities in the world. In 1995, Sir Uwaifo was invited for a performance at the United Nations Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Others in this category include Sunny Okosun, Peter King, Felix Duke, Osayomore Joseph and many others who have flown the flag of Edo State creditably. Itinerant traditional performers who are mainly hired for burial, naming ceremonies, age-grade festivals and others abound inEdo State. Chief Omobuare, who died in February 2002 at the age of 92 years, was a leading exponent of the traditional Esan music genre called Asologun. His virtuosity on the wooden piano and his philosophical ditties won him fame in Esan land and beyond.
Collins Elaiho, Segun Alile, the late General Bolivia Osigbemhe, Vincent Ugabi, Sir WaziriOshomah, Aibor Bello, Omo Smart Idonijie, Constantinopolous Osigemhe, Benji Igbadumhe, Patrick Idahosa, Omoadoni, Adesua, Queen Orete and scores of others have modernized the rich folklore songs of their people into universally-accepted music forms.

The late Chief Isaac Ayeni and Anco Momodu (Anco Limited) are exponents who are largely regarded as the doyens of the traditional music genre in Edo State.
In Edo State, there is no dance or song that has no satirical connotation or bearing. The songs or dances that have evolved in many communities in the state have socio-cultural backgrounds. The same pattern of call and response mode of singing and the deftchorographical dance steps obtain in all the areas of Edo State.
Most traditional songs are accompanied by heavy beats which the dancers step in tune with. Praise-singing is commonplace among musicians in the state.

The involvement of the youths in the performance of these songs and dances ensures continuity in the traditional heritage of the people from one generation to the other.

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