Olasheu Muideen Anuoluwapo

Cases of homosexual is increasing day by day in Nigeria against the 14years imprisonment law that awaits any trespasser.

Another 31years Kenneth Eze from Igbo Clan that resides in Ikorodu area of Lagos Nigeria has also been reported to be engaging in the awful act, he was arrested after he escaped death from angry resident who caught him and his partner in the act.

He got his hands and ribs broken in the attack, he was forced to confess his sin unless he will get lynched, he told the angry crowd that “he has been in the act from his teenage years with several experience with numerous lovers”.

He also confessed further under duress that he has been exposed before and that of Ikorodu will be the second arrest, he said “the first time that I was caught was in Dec 2016 somewhere at Ilorin, Kwara State (which happens to be a Muslim community) with my longtime partner Mr Olasheu Muideen who has been my long time gay partner since our university days at Lagos State University, Ojo”.

He also divulged the scenario of where and how they were caught “we were together in a room having fun (which was difficult for him to utter) when a neighbor caught us and raised an alarm”

He said it was when the neighbor called the attention of other people that he fled the scene with the slighted opportunity he had after all the neighborhood residents had gathered to start beating them, he further said that it was because of this incident that he ran for his life to Lagos, where he changed his contact details with the fear of his former lover not leading the law enforcement agents to him.

When asked about his former partner, he said “I haven’t heard from him (Muideen) since then and can’t say what happened to him”
One of the onlooker at the scene spoke in justification of his beating that “he is a bad example among humans as far as this country is concerned with his sexual orientation, he does not deserve to live so that he won’t corrupt young and naïve boys in our community”

The law enforcement agent has also confirmed the incident, with a report that the intelligence gotten from Mr Kenneth, that is, list consisting of names and other details of persons with such sexual orientation. Investigation is reported also to be ongoing on the practice of homosexuality by these persons which is not permitted in Nigeria.

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