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Ifeaka: Nkechi Megai celebrates friend in a GRANDSTYLE

A good friend isn’t  written on the fore head.

Early this morning, Nkechi Megai took up her Instagram handle to celebrate her long time friend, Oluwayinka Dada Ifeaka with touchy writeup as she clock one today.

Nkechi Megai and Oluwayinka Dada Ifeaka

Read below:

Another year has gone by! There’s so many things that I wish I could give you this year, and you would deserve all of them. This year, I wanted to send you this letter.
You are such an amazing person. I hope that you know this, and not just know it, but really believe it. We’ve been through so much, so I can honestly say I know why you’re so amazing. I feel so privileged and blessed to be one of the few people who knows so many sides of you.

You are truly beautiful. Outwardly, you’re gorgeous. We all have our insecurities, but honestly yours are unfounded. Your style is so personal to you, your looks fit all of your moods, and your features are beautiful. Inwardly, and arguably more importantly, you are even more beautiful. You are a positive light in the world, and anyone who knows you is lucky to have you in their life.
Beyond that, you have a natural intelligence. You pick up on things so quickly, and you know how to navigate nearly any situation.

You’re wonderfully imperfect. Luckily there’s some imperfections, no matter how few and far between they are, because then you put up with my many imperfections. Any possible area that you lack only makes you more wonderfully relatable and gives you the wisdom to help out others and learn more.

Which brings me to how wise you are. As we’ve grown closer over time, I’ve learned how wise you are. You really have become my go-to for nearly any situation . I know that you will have a wise thing to say, a great recommendation, and a way to approach the problem that’s most likely better than what I had thought up. When they say that you’re more than a friend, you’re a sister, it’s so cliche and so true. I love you like a sister and all that comes with that. Family sticks together, and sisters are the best friends one can have. Thank you for being a sister to me.

Happy Birthday @ifeaka1 ! I wish all of the best for you, for us, in this upcoming year! Time to celebrate!

We at Hamton Media hereby celebrate your new year. God bless your  age. Happy Birthday Oluwayinka Dada Ifeaka.

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