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Girls, you can pass through the university and graduate as a virgin!

Temilolu Okeowo

Temilolu Okeowo 

temiloluokeowo@gmail.com 07086620576 (sms only)

Dear Aunty Temilolu,

I’ve been following you on newspaper. You are a mother, an adviser and a role-model. You have inspired my life to a level I can’t be fooled. Thanks so much ma. I love you, God bless you ma.

Gift Stanley

Dear Temilolu,

I just read your story about 16-year-old Deborah and her tutor. Please kindly help her as much as you can to get off the hook. I felt for her when I read her story. One who ought to guide her right is trying to ruin her. Please tell her the university harbours the bad and good, the choice is hers but I advise she choose the good. I went through university a virgin; my wife went through a virgin. I am now a university lecturer and personally mentoring young people. God bless you.


Dear Mummy Temilolu,

I read your article every week in Saturday Punch and feel very helped and assisted. I’m still a virgin but I have a boyfriend who is always insisting that we kiss each time we meet. He does this when he visits me at home. I told him it’s high time we stopped because it may eventually lead to sex. He felt bad and left and has never come back or called me. I love him so much and don’t want to lose my virginity now. What should I do now mummy? Please advise me. Thanks ma.


My darling precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

I wish you all are as intelligent and smart as you appear to be. How can a guy cut you off because you refused to have sex with him and then you still spare him a thought, wallowing in pain? I keep telling you kissing could eventually lead to sex because it sets your body on fire. Which power do you have to resist the fire? I bet he would have spat Abike out like gall after having his taste of her. Why would you want that to happen to you? How can you allow a boy steal your greatest treasure, pollute your life with garbage from his life and then dump you like trash? Sometimes I wonder where your souls are! The point is a lot of you don’t even know what you are doing. Many of you are innocent but submerged by the spirit of the world which is in contention with the spirit of God. Any boyfriend who asks you for sex is not permitted by God in your life because he’s asking you to do evil. And anyone not permitted by God in your life will certainly bring you nothing but destruction. Do you get it? You shouldn’t even be going out of your way to please a guy or compete with other girls to have him. You will only get into serious trouble because the devil has unleashed all sorts of people into the world to destroy lives and divert the course of destinies. Why do you want to fall for this trap? Any guy who walks away from you because you refuse him sex DOESN’T DESERVE YOU.

Abike, you are a rare gem, in fact the rarest of gems but you need to be very careful even with the sort of friends you keep because they will never encourage you. You also need to work on your emotions because more guys will stay away from you when they realise you are not ready for sex and because of your age and your want of attention, you may not be able to cope being all by yourself. But guess what? You can cope, cope and cope till God sends the right guy your way! GOD IS FAITHFUL TO THOSE WHO ARE FAITHFUL TO HIM! BE PATIENT! YOU DESERVE NOTHING BUT THE VERY BEST!

Last Saturday, I wrote about 16-year-old Deborah whose lecherous tutor was encouraging her to have sex with him saying she would eventually engage in it when she gets into the university. Look here girls, I can tell you for a fact that although the higher institution is the citadel of knowledge as well as immorality where you have too much freedom to do as you like and get confused by the madding crowd, you can graduate as a virgin! Over the years, EVEN SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS WITH CLASS AND CARRIAGE WHO WERE EASILY NOTICED ON CAMPUS GRADUATED AS VIRGINS EVEN WITH ENORMOUS HARASSMENT FROM LECTURERS! So, don’t think being chaste on campus or thereafter is exclusive to genuinely born-again girls or girls who don’t perm their hair or wear earrings and make-up! Next Saturday, I’ll tell you a lot more on this and guide you on how to overcome temptation and stay chaste on campus. But before we meet again, please start asking God for power. Tell Him to fill your life with His spirit. Without that, I’m afraid you may not be able to overcome temptation! I love you all my sweetest sweets!

To be continued.

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