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“Girls be careful of who you follow and flex with”, Diji Aderogba warns (Story)

It’s been awhile the energetic writer; Diji Aderogba has dropped a piece for his loved ones. To break the long break, Diji took up his Twitter handle early today, 6th of December and dropped another fictional story, warning girls to be careful with whom they follow especially Yahoo boys.

“Dear Girls, please be very careful who you follow. Most of these young Yahoo guys just wanna destroy your life (Present/future). I have a story”, He said.

Read full story:

Let’s call my friend Mr B & his gf Miss C. Mr B & Miss C started dating early last year & we were happy 4 them because they looked good together. Mr B loved this girl & this made us ( His friend) so happy because he’s gone through some shitty relationship stuffs.

1 day, 1 of Mr B called him & asked if he was sure about Miss B’s love. He vexed so much & thought our friend was jealous of his relationship. Concerning his relationship with Miss C. Everything was going fine btw my friend & his “Innocent/naive/complete) girlfriend till one day..

NOTE: No be say my friend get bar o.

1day, we were all in Mr B’s house when Miss C entered, she didn’t greet any of us & we not even bother. It wasn’t up to a min when she told Mr B to meet her in the room. Oh well, we thought she was horny & wanted something to cool off but…We were wrong. Minutes later, she stormed out of the room and left the house. As per guys nah, we thought she didn’t like the Sex they just had. Minutes later, Mr B came out of the room, looking so sad & disturbed. Next thing we heard was “Abeg who get 60k wey him go borrow”. 60k? 60k o

I knew what was happening immediately he asked for 60k but didn’t say Shi. I was waiting for the idiot to tell us why he needed such. Of course, Miss C left the house because she Mr B couldn’t give her the 60k instantly. (Some girls sha )===. Guess what guys?

Days after, Miss C started giving stupid attitude; she wouldn’t pick nor return text messages from our friend because he didn’t give her the 60k. She started giving my guy attitude, she wouldn’t pick nor return his messages just because she didn’t get her 60k from her “Boyfriend”.. I offered him to give him 2k out of the 60k at least.. Mr B was so weak, confused for days because of Miss C’s new attitude..

 Days after the 60k incident, Mr B decided to go to Miss C’s hostel (A uni in Lagos ). He told me to follow him & I agreed, I knew something was going to happen. Behold, the D day arrived & my guy came to my house very early so we could go & see Miss C & asked y she was acting up.

“Guy, no cook anything nah, let’s fucking go yo this place, I have the 60k”, he said. I was confused when i heard about the 60k. But then I rushed in and dressed up, worn my red cap (avi ).. I didn’t want to carry last because I fit see babes wey go love me too na.. Hours later, we embarked on this journey from Abeokuta to Lagos. I felt stupid, the thought of my guy getting 60k for this babe made me vex althrough. My guy even branch buy BREAD, Milo, milk etc. I asked if she wasn’t feeling fine or something but he seemed to be super excited bla bla bla.

Ghen  Ghen, we entered the school, took KEKE napep & went straight to Miss C’s hostel. I was stupid enough to help my guy hold some gifts.

Another Ghen Ghen, we got to her hostel and behold, no joke we entered her room & saw her & a rich guy kissing & touching. Lol immediately, Pato song “No kissing no Touching” popped in my mind. I stood there looking like a fool; I saw how pained/sad/confused my friend was. Miss C & the tofu guy stopped kissing, she said nothing. Mr B’s eyes got red; he dropped the gifts & rushed out. I was still staring at the two with a Amir on my face & my eye I winked though. I looked at the gifts, rushed out and came back to pick them up. Can’t just let go nah.

We left the school that sunny afternoon; I wasn’t able to catch any babe. It was indeed a sad afternoon for my friend. We got to the park I sadly opened the bread, jamnam with butter and ate. I wished I had hot water or something.

I pitied my friend, he shed tears, but mins after, Miss C sent him a message “Hey broke nigga, im tired of ur relationship & fuck you. I’m done”. I couldn’t believe my eyes. What?! I paused from eating & resumed back after forming sad. He was so sad, i finished the bread before we got to RCCG (Man Don hung die).

We got to Abk, I told my friend to come to my house because he might do something stupid under the influence of “Stupid love”. He cried all day “How can you cry because of babe” I asked. He kept crying & I helped him by playing some nice break up songs & played “ScapeGoat” last.

Days later, my friend started getting back to normal, I was happy for him because i knew how pain it was. Meanwhile, Miss C was chilling with the rich mofo that snatched Miss C from my friend. We saw everything via Twitter/instagram. TBH, he spent madly on this stupid babe. But then he was a Yahoo guy. (Dont ask me how I knew Just call me detective)

They enjoyed themselves no doubt but GHen Gehn 3 was knocking and she didn’t know. Weeks later, Miss C got pregnant for the rich Yahoo guy. Funnything? She looked fresh with pregnancy. Wow. Ex palava nah, my friend was fucking happy when he heard about her pregnancy; he bought me five alive & Puff puff to celebrate. Yeah!.puff.

The sad stuff knocked us down & left us speechless. Miss C started pouring blood from her private part like tap, She was so sick.

My friend was so scared, I was too. I blamed myself for picking up the gifts, eating the bread that was meant for her. OMG, I was scared.

She ran mini mad after some days of blood rushing, she was so sick. My friend asked if we should go see her, I felt like punching the fool.

She gave us 3ghen ghen & she had hers


*Blood rushing from her private part

*So sick.

After some weeks, she was taken to her church.

It was den we got to know that she was used for money ritual by d rich Yahoo guy. (JESU ooo).. Though she broke my friend’s heart, I pitied Her. She was partially healed but everything about her changed, she still behaves somehow(mad).  The Yahoo guy hasn’t showed himself.

That’s the end.

Dear Girls, everything isn’t about money, be careful of who you follow and flex with. Yahoo guys dey vex , dem no care.


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