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Five Star Music won because they had the law on their side -Harrysong

We had fans scream his name on social media. Many analysts dumped their wisdom for emotion, as they supported a man who wanted to rogue, dump his legally binding deal, and sail into independence.

Harrysong was the underdog in this case, and we have been conditioned to take sides with the underdog. Poor Harrysong, he has to battle Kcee, E-Money, and all of those millions in cash that they have to soak and oppress him.

Harrysong was our biblical David, Five Star Music became his Goliath, and we prayed in our hearts that the events of the Holy Book will play out in real time via this battle. But it didn’t. Because of the reality of the situation.

Skibbi with colleagues Kcee, Harrysong, Soso Soberekon.playSkibbi with colleagues Kcee, Harrysong, Soso Soberekon.


Harrysong signed a legally binding document with terms and conditions that he must fulfil. The deal states that Five Star Music with provide him with the resources and logistics to produce three albums in three years. If that does not happen, it will have to be extended.

Harrysong saw those clauses in fine print. Harrysong signed to clauses with his fine signature. And it is on the basis of that deal, that he has grown since 2014, to the current date.

Now he wants to leave the deal, because he feels unappreciated.

 “What bothers me is not the work, what bothers me is the appreciation…. You are helping someone that knows nothing and he’s telling you that he’s helping you. You write a song and the person is telling you that ‘it’s when I sing your song that you blow, if I don’t sing your song you don’t blow’,” the Reggae Blues singer lamented, when he announced his decision to quit the label.

Harrysong is working the angle of emotion to counter a legal document. That is pure folly.

Skibbi at his record deal announcement with E-Money, Kcee, Harrysong, Soso Soberekon.playSkibbi at his record deal announcement with E-Money, Kcee, Harrysong, Soso Soberekon.


No amount of emotion can overturn the law. People signed you up, invested in your life and your career as an artiste, and gave you the enabling environment to thrive. Harrysong has indeed thrived. Under Five Star, he has finally come into his own as a strong force. Hit songs have flowed, the money has flowed, and now his pride is flowing, and it is causing problems.

Harrysong is tied to a 3-album deal, and until he makes those albums, he cannot leave Five Star Music. He can attempt to try, he can throw tantrums and appeal to the emotion in all of us. But the law remains the same, and it is not bound by emotion.

@iammrsongz publicly apologizes to Kcee and the Fivestar Music family, returns to former label. Watch.

In music, you get what you sign, not what you feel you deserve. Harrysong signed a deal and he has stick to it, and fulfil all it contains. That’s why he has publicly apologised, and returned back to the fold.

Five Star Music won this case. And that’s because the law always wins. All the time.


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