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My Encounter with a Yoruba Demon (2)



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And I was Astounded with the general ambience that surrounds his environment, it wasn’t lacking anything….Perfecto is the word…it was just too perfect.

Like a gentleman…he tuned down the volume of the Music as soon as I entered his apartment…He asked about my music genre and my favourite artist and like magic made a quick selection on His Laptop connected to His Jam box….BEFORE I FORGET, this dude is also I.T inclined: His dexterity on His Laptop and the whole gadget network will make you mistaken him for an I.T geek

He left me in the room and went around the business of the day (preparing lunch)…with soft music playing in the background

I was lost in the music trying to blank my head from the blaring warning sounds from my Mind jolting out like the sound streaming outta a malfunctioning siren saying cautious babe ,leave!!!

Suddenly a voice jolted me out of my reverie saying ” lunch is served ” with a sweet boyish smile…His smile is capable of piercing the heart of Trump and make him ask Hillary out for a date…lol

I stood up from my coiled up position and off to the dining to dig into what my Mr. Perfect had made even though the taste wasn’t anything to write home about but all the same was edible…I winced in pain of anticipating so much… though my disappointment melted away because of my feelings I was lost …

After the meal he cleared the table and did the dishes even though I wanted helping out but he declined saying I was his guest…Oh my Gosh!!! dude just scored another point making all the speed breakers in my head completely vanish.

He came back into the room and we chatted like we’ve known each other forever …I wasn’t thinking of been cautious with him anymore or thinking about the wall I was supposed to build around to protect me …I was just going to emulate a gambler and see how my luck will play out …told myself I was going all in..ain’t nothing stopping me at this point…I want him and badly too…I don’t care about the after effect…All that matters is now…He stared deeply into my eyes ,the look was penetrating and it sends chills down my spine…I was weak at the knees with my Heart beating so fast like twas tryna escape from the bony rib cage protecting it…twas like am under hypnosis …my brain and heart suddenly freezes ..The look was inexplicable…it was a look of trust me I’ll be there for you ,let me into your world though my head kept saying this look ain’t to b trusted… it was a typical look of *I want to fuck the hell outta your brain*…
I started panting like a Nyphomaniac on Deathrow about getting Her last Sexual Wish…
Suddenly a shriek sound from the door broke the stare that locked both of us together…it was a neighbor who needed aspirin. He tended to the neighbor and came back to me this time in a warm embrace apologizing   for the temporal interference…I could feel his heartbeat beating in a peaceful rhythmic sound…

We resume our discussion and one thing led to another…before I knew it, I was laying with My head on His chest with just faint music playing in the poorly lit room. All I could think was his touch. I WAS IN ELDORADO….

To be  continued!!!

Have a fruitful and most wonderful week ahead Greats.

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