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“My Encounter with a Yoruba Demon” (1)


Legend have it that certain type of boys are very dangerous in Nigeria: they are swift talker, charming, handsome, well-spoken and most often can be VERY heartless: they create a Cinderella dream in the mind of unsuspecting ladies and just when You about basking in the ambience of the euphoria of their companion, they disappear into thin air…leaving You wondering how possible is it that someone can be so GOOD AT BEEN GOOD AND so GOOD AT BEEN BAD at the same time

This Happened to Yours Truly Linda Adeniyi

It was on one fateful morning in the month of February; many months after been discharged from the hospital following a road traffic accident that almost cost Me My Dear Life leaving me with some permanent scars…I was very glad to be alive and finally outta of the Hospital and getting back on track with my life after many months of incarceration from solitude…

The memory of the stench oozing from the four walls of the health center where I resided for months was still fresh in my head and was nauseating…to think I’m about to return to that gory place like a caged animal in the zoo because of how my body was feeling that morning made my head swirled around 360 degrees making me more sick than I already was: my mind and soul kept refusing the thought; reminiscing my experience, it’s not a place I was willing to go back to without a fight; I’ll rather endure the pain and the bile building up deep inside me than allow myself go back there.

Fast forward…Three days later, I got a call from my Physiotherapist who also double as a friend…

Bae! How Far na? how are you feeling now?

A faint sound from a weak me replied I’m good ‘jare’ just tired

You don’t sound good at all he replied…I know you hate the hospital but please can you come see a friend of mine…he’s a doctor.

I screamed never!!! I ain’t going back to the hospital.

he replied it’s not a hospital but a clinic.

Dearest, I wish I declined the offer and stood my ground but I didnt.. I had a quick bath and left to meet him some miles away from my abode…he gave me a ride down to the hospital…I said ‘hospital’ because it wasn’t a clinic from what I saw…when I got there my intuition kept saying run babe run!!!
I wish I had listened to that inner voice…

I was astonished when I laid my eyes on him…, he was so young. My mind started racing from adoration to curiosity. He was young, his voice was soothing, His eloquence and fluency in English Language is just excellente, He was good with words he smiled at me and beckoned to me to come sit please…I was wowed.
he asked “should I address you as a Mrs. or Miss”?
And I replied Miss will do pls.

I was already lost in thought but was fighting it.
At this point one of My greatest problem took a better part of Me. I am Sapiosexual: Smart and intelligent people turn me on and goddamit he was so young, smart and a medical doctor…gosh!
He touched me and I felt a jolt in my head bringing me back to reality.
I’m sorry didn’t hear you I managed to say
My mind kept saying damn this dude is perfect and I kept wishing he’s a Pilgarlic so that I’ll stop my pilfering gestures at him.
He made his diagnosis and gave me some intravenous therapy and some oral medications to take later at home…

My Dear Friends This First encounter with the sweet dude became the beginning of the torment and Torture. ..

Next day he called to check on me and was polite and nice as usual displaying an undiluted excellent phone etiquette: This got me thinking wow how can one person have it all???…It became a norm for him to check on me daily and I became used to his calls and silently wish he could call me all day.
We became phone buddies and when he finally asked me to come over not to the clinic but his house I was stupefied though I pretend at fist and asked why he wanted me to come over to his house instead of the Clinic: he said he want to make me lunch. OMG!!!! my head was spiraling with his thought and I was like could This be real? This is all I envisioned in a man and this one here is a complete package…my intuition kicked in saying slow your head. But my brain had stopped functioning at this point My whole defense was completely down. I said to myself hey goddamit’ I can’t miss this; I don’t care about rules, in months a new face just asked me for a date despite my scars, my pains, my injuries oh nay nay nay I can’t miss this… I was anxious though but said to him, send me the address. ..

I got to his street, gave him a call and voila here he comes walking towards me in a pair of jeans and tea shirt, well-built figure, a boyish swag and a smile that can heal a demonically tormented soul, I was totally abashed by his magnificent built but decided I wasn’t gonna let him see I was helplessly in love with Him so I quickly adopted the step a bride takes when she walk down the aisle aiming for her forever partner.

We exchanged hello…And he led me thereafter to his beautiful neat abode…
I was in his world and to my surprise his world didn’t depict the world of medicine; it was another world with sounds of music blaring through the walls of his room; with the combination of latest foreign and local Naija Jams blaring outta his jam box he could easily pass for a deejay. I thought doctors are boring lots but this one standing some inches away from me is one fun jive…

To be continued…..

Good morning Beautiful people!!

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