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Dream Chasers (3)

They may not be with you for 24/7, they may not talk to you regularly, but there is always that one person who you can always count on. 

That one special someone who is on your mind all the time. The one person you always run to whenever you need to vent something. That one special person who knows you so well that they can look into your eyes and see your soul. When this person holds your hand, they make you feel at home. They are the one person you never will give up on, no matter what, because they are the one person in the world who can make you smile when you are crying. You know they will always look after your heart as if it were their own and will never let you fall asleep with tears in your eyes. They love you more than they love themselves and if you haven’t found them yet – don’t worry, they are looking for you right now and will find you someday soon. 

But no matter what, always remember that this person is a treasure, so hold onto them and never let them go.

-Ademola Yusuf

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