Multiple award winning DJ, Imohiosen Patrick, known as DJ Neptune threw more light on DJ Profession early this morning on O.L.A #celebritychat  while chatting on air with O.A.P Olaitan Bakare (O.L.A) on Sweetfm 107.1 in Abeokuta.

During the chat, DJ Neptune refereed the profession as an art and more than mixing two songs on the wheel.

NEPTUNE: “DJ is an art whereby, as a DJ you work with already made songs from different artistes from different genres of music and you mix them all together to make people dance or rather keep people in the mood to dance. Let’s use you (O.L.A) as an example, you are on the dance floor you are dancing, and I am on the stage as a DJ. You didn’t tell me what you wanted to dance to, but the body language, from the response from what am playing, I have an idea of what next to play that will rock you on the dance floor. If you think what am playing at that moment you are dancing to is the best, when the next song comes in, it blows away and you were like Oh My God (OMG) this DJ is going to kill me here today. So that’s the psychological part of it that people don’t understand. DJs’ should be able to read the people on the dance floor, because everybody can’t come to you and tell you what they want to play. You might start from reading the body language, there is a transition part of it whereby you bring the next song in and he/she on the dance floor who is dancing don’t even know when the next song comes in, he/she just listen to it and be like OMG that goes my favourite track.”

Talking about understanding the people as a DJ on radio he said:

“It’s quite different, I mean, when you are on radio, like you (O.L.A) said, you can’t see anybody but, you have the mindset of people over there on the other side behind their radio set listening. And now you need to put into consideration that you have the younger folks, older folks listening to the radio station you are working with. And you must also understand that different people with different choice of music, I might love hip-hop, the next listener might love reggae dance hall, while the other listener from other part of the country might love afro beat. So as radio DJ, you should be able to touch plays of different genres of music. That way, you will be able satisfy everybody.”

DJ Neptune started his career as a professional Disc Jockey in 2001 and was hired by Nigeria’s first private radio station Ray power 100.5 FM Lagos where he worked as an in-house DJ from 2004 to 2010. As a professional Disc Jockey with wide sense and a high taste for good music, Neptune was able to keep the listeners glued to their radio set and in a short period of time He became a household name in the Nigeria entertainment industry.


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