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Can pain be useful? Here is Lateef Adedimeji’s view

PAIN!!! A bad feeling
A feeling no one wants to experience
A feeling that hurts
A word no one wants to hear but most people go through.

Can pain be useful???

I learnt recently that most people that feel pain either from a broken relationship /marriage, loss of a loved one, domestic violence, betrayal, verbal abuse etc tend to become HARD instead of becoming STRONG.

In the past, we’ve confused being strong with being hard. Let your pain make you strong and not make you hard.

Most of us are HARD. When you’re HARD you: –

1) Build thick walls around you that stop people from coming to your space. Even when people are brave enough to jump the wall and they hurt you again, you build a bigger and giant house to shield You from ‘Human beings’

2) You stop trusting people -you become less interested in building any relationship with another human being

3) You become bitter and always angry.

When you’re STRONG;

1) You take that pain and let it make you become better.

2) You get over the pain and try again.

3) You pick the lessons and count the blessings.

4) You encourage other people going through similar pain.

5) You become grateful for the pain as it has made you a better person and you know that all things work together for your good.

Pain is necessary. Let’s look at the metamorphosis of the butterfly.
From egg to larva to pupa to caterpillar to butterfly. When a caterpillar is in its cocoon, it needs force to come out of the cocoon and turn into a butterfly. But imagine if the caterpillar says ‘oh this process is too painful I can’t continue’ then the ‘potential butterfly’ will just live and die as a caterpillar in the cocoon.

Let your pain make you strong!
Channel it rightly.
Have blessed day

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