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Alfas and Imams should stop encouraging polygamy -Ade Jumoke

Modern polygamy has caused more havoc than good to the families that practices it and to the society at large, yet, Imams and Alfas keep reminding couples during Nikkai ceremonies that marrying more than one wife is allowed in Islam.

Why should polygamy be encouraged during wedding ceremonies when its just an option and not a compulsion?

Why should they dedicate so much time to preaching the gospel of polygamy at wedding ceremonies when marrying many wives does not make you a special person or has any special benefit in the sight of Allah?

Why should Islam keep justifying polygamy when it makes it difficult to question, correct and curb the excesses of cheating men?

I am aware that polygamy is not restricted to Islam alone, as it is also being practiced by members of the other faiths but islam embraces and encourages it more anyway.

When practiced by the less privileged, it often comes with the inability to support the family financially on the part of the husband. The wives are being left to struggle for themselves and their respective children. The children sometimes end as school drop outs thereby unleashing criminal potentials of these children and increasing the cycle of illiteracy.

Generally, most polygamous homes are often characterized by the deprivation of peace and joy accompanied by unending competitions, suspicion, rivalry and envy among other vices in their homes. A productive and peaceful polygamous home in this 21st century is very hard to come by.

The saddest still is, most muslim men engaging in extra marital affairs are fond of using religion as their cover up. This is not because they are morally upright or religious. They just do this because they lack self control and are incapable of being faithful to one woman.

I strongly believe that there is no end to the roving eyes of a cheating man. There is no assurance that a cheating man would stop cheating even after marrying twenty wives.

Besides, have you thought about the economic implications of marrying more than one wife, especially as an average Nigerian or one who is living below the standard of an average Nigerian?

Alfas and Imams should stop encouraging polygamy and starts embracing and preaching the gospel of monogamy for crying out loud.

If as a man, you did not find all you want in a wife in one woman, don’t marry her. If you enjoy dating a married man, just know you are a potential polygamist.

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