Recently, I saw a Yoruba Nollywood movie (title withheld), aimed at making mockery out of Ibadan and its people in the name of comedy. Originally, if you have never been to Ibadan before, and relied solely on what you are being fed in movies and on social media about Ibadan and its people, these are inevitably the pictures that plays in your head; 
An uncivilized ancient city characterized by uncivilized people.
A city occupied by houses with rusted roofs and few or no good buildings. 
A city characterized by local girls trying so hard to form classy at all cost. 
A city where more than half of its populace are stark illiterates, incapable of reading, writing and communicating well in English language. 
 Ibadan girls are so primitive with their local dress sense, manners of talking and their behaviors in and outside Ibadan.
 As a matter of fact, ugly names suits Ibadan people more, especially their girls, so much that they easily tag them with those annoying names on social media, public places and even in movies. 
 Its only Ibadan people that would embarrass themselves in places like shoprite, because its the first mega supermarket in the city. 
As if all these aren’t enough, Nollywood that could have come up with a more interesting and creative concept, by changing the mental conception of people about the city, chose the path of ignorance and joined them.
How about creating a concept that tells and educate people on the need to erase those wrong perceptions about Ibadan people being ugly, uncultured, lousy and foul mouthed? 
How about educating Nigerians, home and abroad on the need to start seeing Ibadan as a beautiful place with many business prospects and other side attractions?
Ibadan may not be as beautiful as the city of Lagos, but its definitely one of the popular cities, making waves in south west and across Nigeria at large. 
Ibadan may have folks that are not sound with the command of English language, but does that mean that we all have to be like that? Does that mean there are no slum looking places in other cities too?  
 Ibadan may have local and uncivilized girls, that lacks the etiquette of dressing, talking, eating and behaving normally in the society, but does that mean all Ibadan girls are like that? Does that mean we don’t have girls like that in other cities too? Because I still don’t understand the rationale behind coming all the way from Lagos, the city that is highly developed with no blemishes at all, to Ibadan, the city with ugly places, ugly girls that mount makeover on their faces like masquerades, and broke guys.


The Oyo state government is probably unaware of the possible effects of these poor images on our socio-economic and political development, hence I see no reason why these poor images should be kept alive and growing, when they should have found means of erasing these images. A good name is better than gold and silver, they say. 
Movies goes a long way in telling us how a particular place looks and tells more about the lifestyle of its people. To think that this kind of movie has a second part makes it worse for me. 
* Ibadan is not a local city! 
* We are civilized! 
* We are not illiterates!
*  We are not ugly and primitive!


* We are not local champions! 
* Enough is enough! 
From a well seasoned Ibadan girl.

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